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Branch Specific Progress on DADT

  • Air Force: expect to be finished training around June 30th
  • Marines: expect to be finished training around June 1st
  • Army: expect to be finished training around mid-August
  • Coast Guard: didn’t have actual training, it was more of a non-issue
  • Navy: expect to be finished training around July 1st

These are just the “expected” dates, which means that likely it’ll be after them that training is actually completed. Assuming everything works out by these dates, we’ll still have to wait 60 days after everyone is fully trained and the bigwigs agree that its okay to serve openly. We will keep you posted.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

A HUGE thank-you to all of our LGBTQ and straight military spouses, significant others, and family members (may as well throw you guys in there, too). I know our service members appreciate all the love and support. Stay strong, and keep on loving your soldier(s)!

- Kris

Good afternoon everyone!

Sometime over night we beat the 100 followers mark.

The tremendous amount of support we have seen lets us know that this is something that was needed and is important to the lgbtq community.

We are all working on getting you important information a.s.a.p but while we do that we want to hear from you! Share your experiences, submit your stories, ask us anything you want to know about DADT, our relationships, and other lgbtq topics.

Most of all, thank you for joining us in our effort to support lgbtq military relationships.


It’s been 124 days…

…since the bill to repeal DADT had been signed by President Obama. So, what exactly are we waiting for?

Here’s how the process goes. In December, a bill to cancel out DADT was passed through Congress and was signed by the president. They have come up with a 3 step process of implementing the repeal.

  1. Rewrite regulations and policies
  2. Prepare training materials
  3. The actual training process

Now the worst part is that there are no dates that I can find for this yet. I’m pretty sure that we’re between the second and third steps right now. Someone I follow personally said they are going through DADT training Tuesday, 4/26/11. I’m not sure what branch they’re in or if they’re in ATI or where they are, but I’ll keep you posted on their experience and anyone else’s I can find. Anyway, the other worst part is that after the training and stuff, we still have to wait for a 60 day waiting period before the repeal is final. Just 60 days of waiting. I know I’ll be counting down the days.

So make sure you don’t come out or out anyone right after training, we still have to wait 60 additional days. We’ll post on here when its okay to come out.

- Kris